Courtesy David Willems Photography (4)


March 6, 2018 - March 10, 2018

Booth A16
March 7–11, 2018
Litvak Contemporary is pleased to announce its participation in Volta NY 2018, featuring artist Vaclav Cigler and Shai Kremer. Litvak Contemporary’s show at Volta deals with the current age of post-truth media and politics. As public discourse becomes more adversarial and dominated by television performances, the status of facts in the public debate rises: Rather than understanding the facts outside the fray of political argument, facts are now one of the main rhetorical weapons within it. Not only are we constantly flooded with knowledge from various sources (in varying levels of credibility) but we are also in the middle of a transition from a society of facts to a society of data. During this interim, confusion abounds surrounding the exact status of knowledge and numbers in public life, exacerbating the sense that truth itself is being abandoned.


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Image: Courtesy David Willems Photography.

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