Flaneuse : Tamar Roded Shabtay

Tamar Roded


Born in Arad, Roded chooses to turn her vision onto the landscape of her hometown, and particularly the Maof neighborhood. This neighborhood was built to provide quick living solutions for the large wave of immigrants from the Soviet Union in the 1990s. it is characterized by transportable, readymade building parts that were fabricated in an American factory and “planted” in the city at haste with scant planning.

The landscape seen in Roded’s painting does not depict the trials of the historical immigration, nor does it present a naturalistic report on life in a remote neighborhood. Roded’s painting does not seek to translate biological vision, but to reflect a complex reality, in which the act of painting involves another dimension of data processing – the consciousness: that illusive term, combines and distorts sensed life experience into something else, different in essence from its original raw form. Or in other words: the painting is not an imitation or a copy of “what I see,” but a constant reflection of the “essence” of vision itself.

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