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Longings part II

Daniel Enkaoua


Litvak Contemporary is proud to present 'Daniel Enkaoua: Longings Part II', an online exhibition of recent paintings by Daniel Enkaoua. These contemporary impressionist works, led by pastel palettes of colors include close portraits of his family, still life and landscape.   Daniel Enkaoua who embarked on his artistic career in the 1980s has managed to formulate over the years a unique approach to painting that has been associated with impressionism due to his attention to the moment, to the flood of light and his characteristic rapid brush strokes. Yet, despite the presence of these and other stylistic elements, Enkaoua’s paintings cannot be associated with a specific artistic movement or period. Ignoring the dictates of any one style Enkaoua plays with different modes of representation in a manner that echoes additional tension within its oeuvre. As one observes his portraits, his still life or landscapes it is difficult to know whether these painting belong to the present or to the past.




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