Ofer Lellouche



Born in Tunisia, Ofer Lellouche studied mathematics and physics in Paris, but chose to join a kibbutz before the completion of his studies.  He began painting after a severe illness and shortly thereafter studied under the noted French sculptor Cesar Baldacini.
From the beginning his work was a bridge between representation and abstraction. Rejecting the notion that one path always led away from another, he sought to find the essence that connected the two. Through portraiture, landscapes and still life his paintings explored not the inherent geometry of the natural world, but its spiritual and emotional core.
In recent years he has concentrated on the sculptural forms of the human figure. These are not lyrical celebrations, but darker, existential manifestations, speaking to a universal understanding.

Ofer Lellouche lives and works in Tel Aviv and Paris. His work has been exhibited at world-renowned museums, including The Gulbenkian Museum of Modern Art in Lisbon, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art the Israel Museum Jerusalem, The CAFA Museum in Beijing, The Hymalayas Museum in Shanghai, and The Albertina Museum Wien. He has been represented by the Jan Krugier Gallery untill its closure in 2012. 

‚ÄčAlthough he began his artistic career in the 1970s by concentrating on video art, Ofer Lellouche soon felt a need to “get back to basics”: painting. For many years, the painted self-portrait was his consuming passion. Lellouche later branched out to landscapes, the still life, and the nude model. Most recently, this versatile artist has focused on sculpture.

Ofer Lellouche has also published theoretical treatises, including Reflections on Narcissism, The Nude Descending a Staircase, Numbers: Thoughts on Diane Michener’s

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